The World is My Video Game...

boys who don't call, will (0:46)

The shorter the song, the longer the title. This was written for a dear friend of mine who had a string of dates with emotional fuckwits who didn't call her in the morning. Their loss, &c. &c.

The Moppet Dance (2:58)

I know a sweet and, reportedly, soft girl who sometimes goes by the name of Moppet. She may or may not be a Gemini, but she reminds me of one. Hence this song: very airy mit harps.

A Mix About Sibbie (2:58)

A tribute to Homestar Runner. You should really watch this, this, and this if you want to understand where the song is coming from.

Castlevania Remix (1:03)

When I discovered that my Sony Ericsson had a built-in midi sequencer that sounded just like my old Super Nintendo, I couldn't help myself from scoring this quick ring-tone based on the Castlevania theme.

Note this is not an MP3. It's a midi file, which means the quality of its sound is directly proportional to the quality of your midi player. Your milage may vary, but on your average cell phone, it'll sound retro enough to make you nostalgic.

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